Our inner compass

Sure, the pursuit of profit is necessary.  It ensures the continuity of a company.   For us, though, as for others, profit alone is not enough.  We must stand for something larger and make a difference.  Still, words are words.  It is our ACTIONS over time that matter.  How do we treat Clients and Employees?  Are we a good corporate citizen?  Are we engaged in the community?   To measure up in these and other areas, we must be guided by deeply held beliefs, values, and truths.  All plans and decisions must be consistent with these pillars, for inner most beliefs and principles cannot be compromised.


In all that we do, it is Integrity that guides us most. We must always seek to do the right thing, even in our weakest moments and when no one is looking.


It is successful relationships with our Clients that makes all else possible for our company. Therefore, it is required that we always consider and do what is best for our Client.


Our Employees are the rock stars of the company. They will be respected and appreciated for their hard work. Their goals and dreams will be encouraged, and their efforts to grow and develop will be assisted where possible.


We believe in Service to others; Clients, Employees and Community. There is no greater calling in our daily activities than to serve.


Going GREEN is a journey rather than a destination. For the benefit of our Clients, Employees and the Environment, we will utilize green methods, materials and chemicals at every possible opportunity.


Our Growth will come from our commitment to adhere to these principles.