Come Join Our Team!

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Are you looking for a way to supplement your household income? Do you have bills or debts you need to pay off? Are you just trying to get ahead and save money for the future? Or are you maybe planning for your kids’ college? Congratulations! You are planning for the future and that is a very smart move!We have part-time Cleaning Technician positions available at approximately 15+/- hours a week: Commercial Cleaning Tech: Nights (home by 10:00 p.m.) and/or weekends (half or full day) Construction Cleaning...

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Random Acts of Gratitude

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Thanksgiving may have ended a while ago, but that doesn’t mean that gratitude is out of season. Working within the cleaning industry may often seem like a thankless job. Commercial cleaners usually get in and get out, all without businesses ever seeing them. But we are very fortunate to be surrounded by a community of kind, appreciative people. Here are some of the best random acts of gratitude we’ve seen lately: A Sweet Surprise When a mail carrier’s truck got stuck in the snow, one of our...

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2014 Year-end Review

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As the year comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on our progress. We’re happy to report several improvements in terms of the people and places we reached, the time we invested, and our contributions to the community. This year marks 20 years in the cleaning industry and 11 years as a business. In 2014, our employees clocked in 17,152 hours– 15 percent more than last year. Throughout the year, thirty-five great team members helped us partner with 42 new clients and cover roughly 4.5 million...

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Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Party

The 2014 Let It Shine Christmas Party was a success with hideous sweaters, gag gifts, awesome food, and great people! Three employees created especially ugly sweaters and took home gift cards for $100, $50, and $25! And the white elephant gift exchange proved to be a treat with several taking home silly gifts ranging from colorful hair extensions to dinosaur hats to colon cleanser pills! We’re thankful to end the year with such a wonderful group, and we’re excited for what the new year brings!

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Embracing the Suck

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Learning to adapt to unfavorable industry turnover rates by focusing on impact opportunities. The cleaning industry is often considered a roadside stop on the way to something better. Filled with career nomads, the industry suffers from a turnover rate that can reach as high as 200 to 300%. Yet, Let It Shine’s Eric Dengler has learned to embrace the statistics. Although constant job ad experimentation can be a challenge, the base Let It Shine offers employees during their temporary stay is the...

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Puzzle Pieces of Success

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Working toward a better future Are you tired of one dead end job after another?  What does your resume look like?  Four months at this job, 6 months at that job?  Are you frustrated because you can’t seem to find a good job?  Do you want to know what the secret is to find a good job that can lead to a better future? Commitment.  Find a job, any job, and commit yourself to it for at least 3 years.  During that time, look for ways to learn how to: Be reliable. Show up every day, on time and ready to...

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