Meet the Team: April Salazar

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The work we do in our industry is not easy, but it is important. Our employees carry the weight of this work, and we respect, admire, and appreciate them for all that they do. For this reason, we want to let them shine! We are going to feature employee profiles, so that current and prospective clients can put a real face on the people behind the curtains, ensuring their offices are clean. We don’t get to see our clients very often, so this is a chance for all of you to get to know all of us!   We want...

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Service: It’s More than an Industry

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There is just something about this time of year. The snow starts falling and everything is familiar and new all at the same time. This season is full of magic, and whether you believe in Christmas miracles or not, this is the season where people will usually surprise you with their generosity and kindness. It is important to remember the holidays are truly a season of giving, giving of not only money or goods, but also of giving ourselves in the service of others. Service is not just the industry we work in but...

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Extra Income Jobs Available – Come Interview Us!

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Cleaning Technicians – Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor: Do you like to clean? Cleaning is an excellent extra income job. And now is a great time because you have lots of choices! Finding good people who want to do commercial cleaning is hard right now. With so many options, it’s hard to know which company will be the best fit for you. So, how do you choose? Interview us! Interview any cleaning company you might be considering. Why? You should be comfortable where you spend your time. At Let It Shine, we...

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Running for a Cause

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Raindrops on noses and snot-stains on mittens; bright neon ponchos and leggings—good riddance! Soaking wet sneakers and 5ks in Spring… these are a few of our favorite things! Endless grey skies, coupled with a relentless dribble of bone-chilling raindrops would ruin any event. But not the 2015 ChildSafe Out of the Shadows 5k Walk/Run! Despite the rainy, spring day, the event saw a great turnout, with several people circling the CSU Oval armed with umbrellas and free Consuelo’s burritos. The event...

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ChildSafe 2015 Out of the Shadows 5k

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We are proud to support our friends at ChildSafe to help raise awareness about child sexual abuse. We have been blessed with the opportunity to provide our cleaning services to ChildSafe, free of charge. Now, we’re grateful to assist ChildSafe’s mission through partial sponsorship of the 2015 Out of the Shadows 5k Walk/Run! On Sunday, April 26, ChildSafe will host the 5k walk/run at the CSU Oval in Fort Collins. The event will begin at 9:30 a.m. with a powerful testimony from a survivor of abuse...

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Networking: The Cannonball Approach

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Networking Plunge

Let It Shine sheds the flotation devices and takes the plunge into the networking deep-end. While some people dip their toes in first, to test the waters, others cannonball into the pool. Networking can follow similar approaches, and Eric Dengler, Co-Owner of Let It Shine, recommends just jumping in. “When you’re not comfortable in settings, you’re going to avoid them. I’ve done that for my whole professional life,” he said. “But I’ve noticed that so many of the people...

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