All the way from Italy!

Owners: Eric and Pat Dengler
Locally owned and operated since 1994

Pat’s Father and Mother brought all eleven kids to Fort Collins from Italy in 1968 for a better life. As one might imagine, the cleaning chores in the house were never-ending! Pat’s mom, Nancy, taught all her 8 girls to clean, and Pat turned it into a business when she started cleaning professionally in 1994. Before long, the phone was ringing more than she could handle! Eric came on board in 2003 to help run the business. Let It Shine, Inc. now covers over 4.5 million square feet each month.

And still, Nancy tells Pat, “Make-a-nice-a-job!”



Pat’s Mom, Annunziata (Nancy) DiMatteo,

still going strong and cleaning her own house at 84!